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EPA in War, Desert Wins, Troops Lose

October 9, 2009

It was October 7, 2009, approximately 2130hrs(9:30 pm for those that do not comprehend the 24 hour clock, also known as military time).   Soldiers were on guard duty, others in their hootches, sleeping in the hot, sultry night, still others at MWR working out or calling home or playing online computer games.  suddenly, and not unexpectedly, the night erupted.  RPG fire was coming in.  Sleeping soldiers were awake, on their feet and ready to defend the outpost immediately.  Soldiers at MWR were headed to their gear, to repel the enemy.  The soldiers at COP Able Main are nervously prepared for anything, especially following a week which saw an outpost just 75 miles to the north overrun and eight soldiers killed.  The Taliban fired approximately 100 RPG rounds at the gate, when the gates fell, Taliban fighters charged through.  Having been slated to be closed by the great military expert Barack Obama, the outpost was seriously undermanned.  Eight brave American soldiers were killed.

The men of COP Able Main were well aware of what happened.  They have been on heightened alert since.  When the RPG rounds started coming into Able Main, they were ready, and the enemy never got a chance to charge the gate.  What the enemy did accomplish was, perhaps, more telling of the situation our troops face in Afghanistan.

Shrapnel from one of those RPG rounds punctured a 10,000 gallon fuel bladder.  The bladder had recently been refilled and almost the entire 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked onto the ground.  Early the next morning, the men of Able Main were forced to face the fiercest enemy they could ever have imagined, the EPA.

The official from the EPA began by harassing lowly privates with no authority, then moved to the sargeants, the squad leaders, the platoon sargeant, the platoon officer, and on up the chain of command.  The EPA was mad, they were mad because of the fuel leak.  The official informed everyone there that the fuel bladder hadn’t been properly protected.  Each of the soldiers that had the misfortune to engage this enemy tried to explain that the reason it wasn’t “properly protected” was because the Army hadn’t given them the equipment needed to protect the bladder properly.  Apparently, that wasn’t the EPA’s concern, nor was it what the EPA would consider a legitimate excuse for failing to “properly protect” the fuel bladder. 

One would certainly think our troops have enough things to be concerned with.  The enemy that wants them dead, a Commander in Chief that promises to send the manpower and equipment they need and then refuses to listen when his generals tell him more troops are needed, rules of engagement that are designed to not offend the enemy, these should be more than enough for any soldier to worry about.  But no, not in President Obama’s world.  In President Obama’s world, the great American military men and women also have to worry about the enemy from Washington, the EPA.

As of yet, the White House and the EPA have failed to answer any questions about why the EPA has chosen to harass American troops in combat.

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  1. Rob Hicks permalink
    October 12, 2009 1:01 am

    How typical of this administration to worry more about the spillage and clean up of fuel instead of worring about the personel that were trying to defend their camp. I also noticed that the press didn’t cover this part of the attack.

    • dcbarton permalink*
      October 13, 2009 10:16 am

      The press didn’t cover it at all, I got the story first-hand from one of the soldiers that is there. I still haven’t recieved answers from the EPA or the White House about the incident.
      Although, there also seems to be issues with the troops not having the equipment they need. Wasn’t that one of the major complaints the Dems had about the troops when Bush was in office?

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