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How to Lose the Unlosable War

October 4, 2009

President Obama took a little time out of his busy schedule to meet with his commander in the Afghan war, General McChrystal.  It was only the second time they have spoken in the 70 days that General McChrystal has been selected to head up the war effort.  Obama promised us that he would listen to his generals in the field about how to win the war.  It would seem that once again Obama has LIED to the American people.

General McChrystal has asked for another 40,000 soldiers.  He says that time is of the essence, we will lose in Afghanistan if we do not commit the troops and resources needed.  Failure in Afghanistan would have a devastating effect on America.  It was Afghanistan where Al-Qeada hatched and launched the attack on Kobar Towers, the American embassy bombings in Africa, the attack on the USS Cole, and the 9/11 attacks that murdered almost 3,000 of our fellow countrymen.  It was the Taliban in Afghanistan that provided cover for the terrorists of Al-Qeada.  If we lose here, they will return, not only to Afghanistan, but to America as well.

American soldiers in Afghanistan tend to agree with General McChrystal.  They believe that we need more troops, in more places.  While the Democrats play “political generals” and talk about pulling back to the cities where Afghanis “like” the US, soldiers on the ground tend to believe that we need to get troops into the mountainous regions where we can’t drive.  They tell me that those regions are where Al-Qeada and the Taliban are.  Troops would have to be airlifted in to those regions, prepared for a long hard fight.  They would have to be resupplied by airlift.  By taking those regions, and setting up outposts, the American military could establish a relationship with the Afghanis and take still more of the Taliban’s and Al-Qeada’s support. 

The problem with General McChrystal’s and the troops’ assessment of how to win in Afghanistan?  Obama is president.  That and the Democrats have control of both houses of congress.  That currently appears to be a pretty large obstacle, even for General McChrystal and the greatest military power on earth.  Obama won’t listen to his general.  His National Security Advisor, General James Jones, USMC, Retired, claims that McChrystal’s assessment is mere “opinion.”  Obama, even though his hand-picked general says there is no time to waste, is wasting time on the idea that “we don’t want to rush these decisions.”  The Democrats in Congress are pushing for a withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it a quagmire, the same tactic they used to snatch defeat from the North Vietnamese in the early 1970’s, pushing for a pullout, preventing the US from actually fighting to win, forcing failure and defeat on the American military.  McChrystal’s problem?  He is in charge of a military that doesn’t know how to lose, but has to answer to and depend on  a democratically controlled government that doesn’t want to win, that actually likes to lose, a democratically controlled government that whines about the deaths of military personnel but goes out of its way to prevent our military personnel from surviving and winning. 

McChrystal’s problem, he wants to win, Obama wants to lose.  If we win, we will offend the Taliban and Al-Qeada.  Obama doesn’t want to offend anyone except Conservatives.

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