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“Day of Service and Remembrance”

September 12, 2009

Yesterday was the anniversary of the most notorious day America has ever suffered.  Nearly 3,000 people were murdered.  They weren’t murdered for anything they personally had done to someone else.  They weren’t murdered for profit.  They were murdered because they were not Muslim.  They were murdered by a group of people that want the entire world to convert to Islam or die.

Our Illustrious President Obama has decided that this should be a “Day of Service and Remembrance.”  Isn’t that nice?  A Day of Service?  Not since December 7, 1941 has the US suffered an attack by a foreign entity on US soil.  We do have a “Day of Remembrance” for that day, we call it Pearl Harbor Day.  We remember what happened that day and why it happened.  I don’t need a day of service, I need retribution.  I need to forces that caused this disaster to be abolished, annihilated.  I need them to be dead.  I need a government that understands what is at stake, that is willing to do what is necessary to end this war in such a way as to ensure that this never happens again.  I need a President that will give up the idea of making our enemies like us and embrace the idea of making our enemies pay for the act of murdering our friends, neighbors and fellow Americans.

The Day of Service is not what I need.  The murderers did not attack us because I, or anyone else, neglected to help an elderly lady across the street.  They didn’t murder almost 3,000 people because we failed to pick up some trash on the street.  We were attacked because they want to convert us to their religion, and failing to do that, they would choose to make us dead.

What we need is a “Day of Kick Their Ass,”  a “Day of Now You Can Die By The Thousands.”  We need a President that is less worried about making friends than he is about winning a war that our enemies started.  Bush was a good President about attempting to fight the war, but even he failed to understand what was truly needed.  Even Bush was concerned with “winning the peace.”  Screw “peace.”  We need to win the war, let those who started this fight worry about securing the “peace” after we kick their Islamic asses. 

After Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor, nobody told American’s “we have to understand why they hate us.”  Nobody told us that we need to be considerate of the enemies feelings.  We were told that we would win.  And we did win.  We didn’t lose any sleep if civilians got killed.  War is hell, people die.  Even civilians.  Did the Islamic attackers worry about civilian deaths 8 years ago?  No.  Did they worry about our collective feelings 8 years ago?  No.  Should we worry about theirs now?  HELL NO.  We should be worried about convincing them it is a mistake to attack us.  We should be worried about getting revenge for what they did, getting revenge in such a way that they realize they should never attempt that kind of act again.  We don’t need their respect, we don’t need their friendship.  We need their fear.  We need to teach them fear. 

We need to understand that nothing ends a war like near extinction.  When we have killed almost all Muslims, Muslims will see the need to live in peace with us, and the rest of the world.  We dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan to end World War Two.  How many civilians were killed?  How much longer did Japan continue to fight after those bombs were dropped.  How much sleep did Americans lose over the loss of Japanese lives?  How long did it take the Japanese to learn it is better to be our friend than to be our enemy?

Mr. President, you can keep your “Day of Service.”  We don’t need it.  Not on September 11.  You can have your day of service another time, any other day.  But not on September 11, this day is special, not to be politicized.  What we need on this day is a “Day of Rememberance and Kick Ass.”  We need a day to resolve to actually win a war like it is a war, not try to bribe the “schoolyard bully” into liking us.


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