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Obama’s Healthcare “Truths” Less Than Truthful

September 10, 2009

Obama set the record straight lastnight.  He corrected the mistruths the Republicans and special interest have been using to “scare” the American people about healthcare.  Unfortunately, if one does not tell the whole truth, one is lying. 

Obama lied.  Healthcare reform, as proposed by the Democrats in the House and the Senate, will require you to give up your current healthcare plan even if you are satisfied with it.  While the bills specifically say you can keep your current plan, they also make it impossible for companies to profitably continue to offer healthcare coverage for their employees.  While companies generally pay 20 to 50% of their payroll on healthcare for their employees, the fine for not providing healthcare is only 8% of payroll, according to HR3200 Section 102.  Companies are in business to make a profit, as a result they will always choose the more profitable route.  If it is more profitable for companies to pay the fine than to pay for healthcare, they will cancel healthcare plans and pay the fine.  HR3200 prohibits any insurance companies from writing new policies after “day one of year one” and mandates anyone without insurance will be “auto-enrolled” into the government plan.

Therefore, Mr. Obama, you flat out lied to the American people.  You can call me on misrepresenting the “facts,” but you rest assured that I will call you on intentionally lying to the American people in order to accomplish your communist agenda.

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  1. April 15, 2010 11:13 am

    Thanks for a very sensible argument. After browsing some other blogs on this subject I was beginning to think I was losing it…

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