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The Leftist Conservative’s Opinion on the Left

May 2, 2009

This was written by yourkbear at  You can read more of her opinons at that site.

“Dear Leaders of Our Great Nation,

  You are making our nation much less great….

  First, let’s start with your so-called domestic terrorist threat from “right wing extremists” such as myself. Yeah. I guess I’m a right wing extremist even though I’m just about smack in the middle. It’s bogus claims like this that insure that I will NEVER call myself a democrat no matter how much my political views may shift left. Never.

  So…the right wing extremist groups are going to take advantage of the economy to recruit members. Well, you’re sure giving them all the support they need in doing so! Maybe you should try FIXING the economy rather than making it worse! See, I thought the Federal Reserve Board—and its chairman—were supposed to adjust the federal funds target to prevent inflation and recession. You guys seem to be failing miserably at that….

  Of course, it’s not really their fault; Obama’s budget is $3.4 billion. And what does he plan to do with this budget? Why, make a bunch of huge changes of course. But…every real leader knows that changes need to be made slowly because big changes throw the nation into shock!

  One of these changes is to socialize health care. Do you realize that health care makes up 17% of the Gross Domestic Product? Yes, Mr. President, let’s make the economy suffer even more. Because we couldn’t possibly just expand Medicaid a bit. Oh no, we have to completely revamp everything—and hurt a huge part of economy. By the way, Mr. President, do you realize that medical school is EXPENSIVE? The only thing making that debt worth it is the fact that doctors make enough money to make up for it! Medical school is HARD. But, of course, we wouldn’t want to reward our hard-working severely-in-debt doctors with decent pay. No way! I realize that a lot of Americans don’t have health insurance—I’m one of those Americans, or have been off and on—but that’s why we have Medicaid and CHIP.

  Did you realize, Mr. President, that you’re a Democrat? That means you’re supposed to support unions. But…the medical industry is one of the largest employers of union members…. What? You’re going to screw over a bunch of your supporters? That sounds like a good idea!

  So…the second threat I want to discuss is our soldiers. Yes, the ones returning from Iraq and Afghanistan—like my brother. First, you criticize the wars. Then, you send our troops into even worse situations, and give them a 30% chance of coming home alive. THEN, Homeland Security calls them terrorist threats. Wait…isn’t that why they’re in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place?? But…maybe you’d rather alienate our troops while the outside terrorist threats continue to grow. Why not?

  Do you realize that this “risk” would be greatly reduced if YOU, our national leaders, would take better care of our soldiers? There are lots of things you can do. For one, you say you’re worried about disgruntled soldiers and those with psychological damage from the wars YOU are sending them into. Then why don’t you give them better mental health care? Why don’t you protect and support them better? Why don’t you pay them better? And why do you try to accuse them of heinous crimes when they are simply following orders? I can’t imagine why they’d be “disgruntled” or suffer negative effects of the Hell they are being put through….

  You think people are afraid of the New World Order? Well…maybe that has something to do with the US shifting its alliances. See, I seem to recall that Britain has stood by us in many, many situations. And yet, you are also alienating them. And Israel. Yes, let’s just do away with all of our allies so that when we do get attacked again, we have no one to fall back on. That sounds like a brilliant idea!

  And socialism? Really? I thought the US was founded on the ideas of democracy and capitalism. Let’s just change that now. Even though there has never been a working socialist government. Yeah, let’s just do away with the Constitution and personal rights all together, while we’re at it. But…I thought you supported liberty?

  And, Vice President Biden, I thought you were against Obama taking away our right to bear arms! But…there are restrictions being placed on it. I don’t own a gun, but if I want one, I should be able to own one. I live in a small town, but if I lived in a big city, I’d probably want one because I’d want to be able to protect myself—you know from thugs and domestic terrorists and such. (Especially from the domestic terrorists. I think I saw one of those people Homeland Security is worried about in my house this morning! In fact, she was in the mirror….) Why would you join an administration you don’t COMPLETELY agree with?

  So…here’s what it boils down to. You, our national leaders, are NOT keeping your promise of improving things for our nation. No. You are making our situation worse. Then, you are calling those who see what you’re doing terrorist threats. No, I didn’t vote for you. No, I don’t support abortion. Yes, I do support our military.

  I also support a lot of views that belong to the Democrats. I am in the MIDDLE of the political spectrum, but I will ALWAYS consider myself a Republican because they do not call me a terrorist threat for my liberal views. How can you consider yourself good leaders of this great nation of ours when you alienate so many of your people? When you do not support your people’s rights, but instead want to take them away? I promise you I will be voting for your opponent in the next election—even if that opponent is Bugs Bunny or the Cookie Monster. Because fictional and childish characters would at least treat their citizens like citizens rather than treating them like the enemy.



The Leftist Conservative Who is Against the Left”

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  1. May 2, 2009 12:59 pm

    First, I’d like to say that I am so relieved that you are not burning me at the stake for being leftist righty!
    Second, just a word of warning, my blog is not very political in nature. But if you want to read more of my views on such things, you can check out one specific post:
    And maybe I’ll post about gay marriage… (and now you can see just how left I am)….

  2. May 2, 2009 6:50 pm

    I don’t get it…. It says 2 comments, but mine is the only one showing.


  1. The Leftist Conservative’s Opinion on the Left

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