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Why the Daily Kos Hates Glenn Beck

April 12, 2009

The Daily Kos has decided that Glenn Beck is the source of all problems in this country.  Most people never would have known that Beck was all that dangerous.  In fact, I would venture to guess that most people probably don’t even know who Glenn Beck is, or wouldn’t if the Kos hadn’t opted to make him their poster boy for conservatism.  Sure, he has a large audience for his syndicated radio program.  And he did have some kind of following when he was on CNN, I personally couldn’t watch him then since I refused to watch that particular network for reasons of my own political prejudice.  He is on Fox News now and has a still larger following for that reason, but most people still are happy to watch American Idol or Survivor rather than anything substantive.  While Beck’s fans don’t seem to realize what a danger he is to society, and the vast majority of the rest of America is happily oblivious, there are some that are watching, paying attention to him, and that realize exactly what Beck really is.  The Daily Kos is onto him.

When the Pittsburgh shooter, Richard Poplawski, shot and killed three Pittsburgh police officers, the Kos was on top of the story.  They knew immediately that Glenn Beck was behind the whole sordid affair.  They pointed out that Glenn’s constant psychotic ravings and mutterings about Obama’s threat to the Second Amendment was the reason that Poplawski shot and killed the officers.  Granted, Beck based his ravings on Obama’s legislative history in Illinois and in Washington DC, drawing on Obama’s campaign promises to reinstate the assault rifle ban, and on current legislation in front of Congress with Obama’s approval.  Sure, the Kos neglected to consider the facts of Obama’s history on gun control, but who would reasonably let a little thing like history get in the way of the fact that Obama said he didn’t want to take guns from duck hunters?  The Kos has never been an organization to let little facts get in the way of demonizing those hateful Neo-Cons like Glenn Beck, who may now be considered worse than Rush Limbaugh since Rush never made anyone shoot cops.

Has that been the worse of Beck’s sins?  Not at all.  tjlabs wrote on the Kos, “The self-proclaimed “rodeo clown”, Glenn Beck whose teary-eyed shtick and ultra-right wing fanatical rants and ravings have won him legions of new viewers has finally crossed that invisible line in the sand between free speech and incitement to rebellion. He is a de facto homegrown domestic terrorist.”  Dana Houle wrote, again on the Kos, “Glenn Beck is conveying the language and ideas of radical right conspiracy theories that helped inspire Timothy McVeigh and taking them through basic cable in to the hearts and minds of viewers across the country. Does Beck realize that he’s now channeling the inspirations of Timothy McVeigh?”

This is bad, thank God we have the Daily Kos to keep us informed and protected.  Who could have known?  With his wimpy, whiny, overly emotional act on tv, nobody would have guessed that Glenn Beck was a cop-killing, mass murdering terrorist.  At least, not until the good folks at the Kos told us.  I never would have guessed that Beck had that kind of control over people.  The Daily Kos hasn’t said it yet, but when they find the evidence, I’m sure they will, but after reading about Glenn, it may be entirely possible that Glenn Beck is really Osama Bin Laden.  All the time we have been attacking caves, we should have been carpet bombing Fox News.

But to be fair to Glenn, he isn’t all bad.  According to the Kos, Glenn appears to claim to be a vampire killer, or at least he encourages others to kill vampires.

Ok, sure, Glenn appears to think Obama and the Democrats are blood sucking monsters, but hey, who doesn’t? At the very least, they certainly seem to be sucking all of the blood out of our bank and retirement accounts.

Of course, this could be simple conjecture on the part of the Daily Kos.  It is entirely possible that Glenn Beck is right on everything he has said, and the Daily Kos are the terrorists, but not the brave vampire killers, nobody at the Kos could kill a vampire as long as the vampire stays true to the Kos’ far left agenda.


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