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Obama’s Agenda: To Kill A Giant

March 14, 2009

Obama campaigned on a promise of “change” and “change” he has delivered so far.  But what “change” has he really delivered? 

On a recent visit Britain’s Prime Minister was greeted with diplomatic disdain by Obama and his administration.  Obama claimed that the joint press conference mandated by diplomatic protocol was canceled, when in fact it had never been scheduled.  Great Britain rightfully considers this act of disrespect to be a “slap in the face” to one of our best allies.  To make matters worse, Mr Brown gave “President” Obama a nice wooden pen holder, it was made from the wood of the HMS Gannet.  The Gannet was the sister ship to the HMS Resolute.  These two ships are important to the history between the US and Britain because the Gannet served off the coast of Africa attempting to end slavery, that seems as though it would be important to Obama since he is of African descent and Africa was a primary source of slaves in the 1800’s.  The HMS Resolute was a British ship that was stuck in ice in 1854 and abandoned.  Over a year later it was found floating free in the Davis Strait by an American whaling ship.  The Americans found it, rescued it, repaired it and returned it to England as a goodwill gift.  When it was retired in 1880, Queen Victoria had the timbers made into a desk that was given to the President of the United States.  That desk still sits in the  al Office, used by every president since it was delivered.  Obama returned the favor by giving Prime Minister Brown a box of 25 DVD’s.  To make matters still worse, after PM Brown’s wife went to the best shops in London, picking out the best dresses and jewelry she could find for the Obama girls.  Michele Obama returned the favor by getting some toy helicopters for the Brown children.  The British are understandably upset, a story that gives just a little of how the British are feeling about Obama, the “citizen of the world”.  According to Glenn Beck, Obama did offer to give the PM Brown a bust of Winston Churchill.  That was a nice offer, except for the fact that it was the British that gave that bust to the US.  It sat in the Oval Office until Obama had it removed and a bust of Lincoln put in its place.  According to the bust was given as a gift to President Bush after 9/11.

“All of this is on top of the snub of the Brits that Obamatossed off immediately upon entering office. One of his first official acts was to summarily return to the Brits the generous gift of the most famous bust of Winston Churchill that has sat in the Oval Office since the attacks on 9/11.

This threw British diplomats into a tizzy really blindsiding them. Even when they reiterated that Obama could keep the generous gift to the American people, he rejected it without comment leaving the Brits at a loss for words.”

Obama’s excuse?  Gee, I’m a little too tired to learn about foreign relations cuz I have been concentrating on the economy.

Sources close to the White House say Mr Obama and his staff have been “overwhelmed” by the economic meltdown and have voiced concerns that the new president is not getting enough rest.

British officials, meanwhile, admit that the White House and US State Department staff were utterly bemused by complaints that the Prime Minister should have been granted full-blown press conference and a formal dinner, as has been customary. They concede that Obama aides seemed unfamiliar with the expectations that surround a major visit by a British prime minister. …

Allies of Mr Obama say his weary appearance in the Oval Office with Mr Brown illustrates the strain he is now under, and the president’s surprise at the sheer volume of business that crosses his desk.

A well-connected Washington figure, who is close to members of Mr Obama’s inner circle, expressed concern that Mr Obama had failed so far to “even fake an interest in foreign policy”. …

The American source said: “Obama is overwhelmed. There is a zero sum tension between his ability to attend to the economic issues and his ability to be a proactive sculptor of the national security agenda.

“That was the gamble these guys made at the front end of this presidency and I think they’re finding it a hard thing to do everything.”

That would be fine if it were true, but it doesn’t appear to be.  The truth is Obama has plenty of time for foreign relations work if it is with countries like Russia, China and Iran.  He found time to promise $900 million to the Palestinian territory, showing such great support for another ally, Israel, that he is willing to snub them in favor of an enemy that wants another of our best allies rubbed off the face of the earth.  Obama found time to recognize Russia, China and Indonesia with visits from the Secretary of State.  He can apparently find time to meet with and speak to Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran who has consistently threatened the US and our allies, declared itself to be a nuclear power, worked on building nuclear weapons and delivery systems, and trained Islamist warriors to fight and kill American servicemen and women in Iraq.  No doubt he would find time for diplomatic relations with Venezuela and Cuba if the opportunity arises.

He did find time to close GITMO and to decide not to call enemy prisoners “enemy combatants” anymore.  You may still hesitate to invite them over for Saturday dinner. But the Obama administration has changed the words to describe those fellows staying as guests in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

In all, to be fair to Obama, it has been tough dealing with GITMO and the economy, it isn’t easy to guarantee the freedom of avowed enemies and spend an entire nation into bankruptcy.  With over $4.8 trillion in domestic spending sofar and still more on the horizen, $900 million for indirectly to Hamas(any money to the Palestinian Territory will find its way into Hamas’ coffers) and all of Obama’s other pet projects Obama has managed to more than double Bush’s deficit in less than 2 months.

Obamahas also tried to save money.  His budget proposal contained a 10% cut in the defense budget, and he has suggested letting military veterans, injured in service to this country, pay for their own health care.  But with Obama’s disdain for the military, none of that should be overly surprising.  It was Obama that said, “we can’t rely on the military to keep us safe.”  He went on to say that we needed a civilian security force just as well trained, equipped and funded as the military.

To compound the problems Obama is causing with his “agenda” is the border issue.  There is a civil war brewing in Mexico.  The Mexican drug cartels are fighting pitched battles in the street against the Mexican government.  To make maters worse, there have been protests by Mexican citizens against the government’s forces fighting the cartels.  Some of the protesters are described as “paid protesters” financed by the cartels, but most are just Mexican citizens.  According to the Japan Times Online,

“There are almost daily protests against the military in many towns and cities. The Mexican government says demonstrators are being paid by the drug gangs to take to the streets — usually $15 to $35 apiece. That speaks to the cartels’ ability to provide financial assistance to people who need it; governments are supposed to do that. Other demonstrators and human rights groups report a rising number of complaints of military abuses.”

A recent Pentagon report says the newest threat from that region is the three major cartels working on an alliance.  The cartels are already working in the US, and spreading their unique form of violence. -usa-phoenix-arizona/ has this article:

“Brian Ross and ABC News report what officials caution is now a dangerous and even deadly crime wave. Phoenix, Arizona has become the kidnapping capitalof America, with more incidents than any other city in the world outside of Mexico City and over 370 cases last year alone. But local authorities say Washington, DC is too obsessed with al Qaeda terrorists to care about what is happening in their own backyard right now.

“We’re in the eye of the storm,” Phoenix Police Chief Andy Anderson told ABC News of the violent crimes and ruthless tactics spurred by Mexico’s drug cartels that have expanded business across the border. “If it doesn’t stop here, if we’re not able to fix it here and get it turned around, it will go across the nation,” he said.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown warned that as the U.S. government focuses so intently on Islamic extremist groups, other types of terrorists – those involved with the same kidnappings, extortion and drug cartels that are sweeping Phoenix – are overlooked.

“Those [criminals], for the average Californian or the average America, may be a more immediate threat to their well being,” Brown said.

In fact, kidnappings and other crimes connected to the Mexican drug cartels are quickly spreading across the border, from Texas to California. The majority of the victims are either illegal aliens or connected to the drug trade.

An ABC News’ investigation uncovered horrific cases of chopped-off hands, legs and heads when a victim’s family doesn’t pay up fast enough.”

The crimes committed in this country by the drug cartels go a lot farther than just kidnapping of illegals and cartel members.  Fox News had this,

Federal authorities arrested more than 750 people across the country in what they describe as “the largest and hardest hitting” operation to ever target the “the very violent and dangerously powerful” drug cartel known as Sinaloa.The cartel is being blamed for much of the violence erupting along the U.S.-Mexican border, according to officials familiar with the operation.

U.S. officials said Wednesday that the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and divisions of the Department of Homeland Security have spent two years investigating and arresting people associated with the Sinaloa cartel — which they say has been smuggling drugs, laundering millions of dollars obtained illegally and fueling a wave of violence along the Southern border.”

Obama gives lip service to the problems on our southern border, but fails to do anything to prevent them.  “We’ve got a very big border with Mexico,” he said. “I’m not interested in militarizing the border.”

Really?  Not interested in protecting Americans on American soil?  Didn’t he give an oath?  Isn’t he supposed to act to protect America, Americans and the Constitution?  When will be a good time to militarize the border?  After the open gun battles are being fought in Denver?

Protecting America is low on Obama’s list of priorities.  Obama is not overly fond of America, he wants to change it.  The change he has in mind comes from the people he associated with prior to becoming President.  People like Rev. Wright, the black theology preacher from Obama’s Chicago church, people like Bill Ayers, the notorious terrorist of the 1960’s and 1970″s.  The change he has in mind comes from his current supporters.  Supporters like the Communist Party USA, the Democratic Socialists of America, the labor unions. 

The change Obama has in mind can best be defined by what he has “accomplished” in the time he has been in office, less than two months now, by who he has decided to make friends with and who he has decided to avoid a national friendship with.  The change Obamaseeks can best be defined by communism.  Universal health care, government control of banking, and government control of the energy sector, wealth redistribution by over-taxing the rich to benefit the people who won’t put in the effort to improve their own lives.  Convincing the people that the cards are stacked against them and that they need the government to give them a fair break.  Sacrificing America’s economic security for the climate change fraud.  These are the beginnings of Obama’s change.  They will be followed by still more “changes.”

The attack against free speech began with an attack against Rush Limbaugh, using Rush to attack all conservatives without them knowing they were being attacked.  An attack on the Second Amendment is under way with HR 45, and still more anti-gun legislation in the works.  In the past few weeks, the availability of guns in America has been blamed by Attorney General Eric Holder for the violence in Mexico.  An attack began in Connecticut on the freedom of religion with a state effort to take control of the catholic church.  There will be more to come, some from the White House, and some at the state levels.

Obama’s agenda is to kill a giant, the economy of the US, the freedoms enjoyed by the US and envied by the rest of the world.  Obama’s agenda is to bring communism to America.

It is not too late to prevent Obama from succeeding.  Now is the time to start watching every resolution in Congress, every legistative action at the state level.  Call Congress, call the White House, call the governors and state legislatures nationwide, let them know you are watching.  Let them know that they work for us, not the other way around.  Let them know what we expect them to do, what we expect them not to do.  They got this far because we failed to do our part, we failed to keep them in check and honest.  Now we need to do just that, it may be too late in another year.

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