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The Ugly Truth About Rush

March 7, 2009

The Democrats have declared war on Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk radio host.  It began with Obama declaring to Congressional Republicans that, “you can’t listen to Rush and get things accomplished.”  The anti-Rush rhetoric continued, until he was declared to be the head of the Republican party.

Nice try, but far from true.  The fact is Rush is just a radio talk show host, nothing more.  Admittedly, Rush is at the top of his genre, but it is important to understand how he got where he is.  Rush came into radio and built an audience, with that audience he gained the ability to draw in sponsors propelling himself to the top of talk radio. 

But how did Rush build his audience?  By saying what he honestly believed and, coincidentally, saying it to an audience that agreed with him.  In other words, Rush is not speaking for the Republican party, he is not leading the Republican party, he merely gives voice to what the Republican party and Republican voters already think.  If he did otherwise, he might as well be like any liberal talk show host, he would have no audience.

So, if Rush just says what Republican voters are already thinking on their own, why does Obama and the Democrats insist on making him the center of their attack?  Simply put, the Democrats and Obama are attacking Rush because they have an agenda, they need to sway Republican voters and can’t do that by attacking Republican voters themselves.  By attacking Rush, Obama believes he can attack Republican voters and their beliefs without Republicans knowing they are being attacked.  They attack Rush to demonize conservative values without seeming like they are attacking conservatives that may rise to oppose their socialistic agenda.

Rush is not their enemy, conservatives are.  Rush is merely the face they have given to their chosen enemy.


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