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What is the Secret to Obama’s Favorabilty?

February 28, 2009

On Tuesday Obama gave his first speech to the joint houses of Congress. I listened, but only to find some inconsistency or socialist agenda hidden in his speech. I found something, but it was much more disturbing. As I listened to him speak I noticed that I was leaning on every word, almost cheering for him. At the same time, I knew everything he was saying was bad for this country. It was like two I was two different people. I know his politics, I know his agenda, I know where he is leading us; and I hate his politics, I hate his agenda, I hate where he is leading us. So why was I feeling almost euphoric as I listened to him speak? As I thought about it, it wasn’t the first time I had felt that way when I listened to him; in hindsight, I feel that way every time I hear him in one of his drawn-out speeches.
I’m not saying that I find myself agreeing with him while he speaks, nothing could be further from the truth. I recognize Obama for what he really is, a full-fledged communist. I find that to be a major threat to the US way of life. So why do I feel the way I do when I hear him speak?
On Wednesday morning Glenn Beck said something that scared me even more than the way I feel listening to Obama. He admitted to the same feelings. Glenn Beck? Almost happy to hear Obama? Almost cheering him on? How can that be?
Thinking back on it, something clicked for just an instant. Not long, but long enough to dredge up a memory, from not too long ago, but a memory that at the time didn’t make enough of an impression to stand out. After the election in November, Obama took some time off, he made no speeches, no public appearances. At that point his favorability began to slip. As soon as he started making public appearances his favorability rose again. How does that work? He had just won the election, he was to be the first African-American President in the history of our country. So how does his favorability ratings slip as soon as he takes a few weeks off?
And exactly how did his favorability ratings get so high to begin with? A small, insignificant Chicago activist, turned Illinois politician, turned US Senator and in just two years the President-elect. How does that happen? A man with highly questionable ties, links to domestic terrorists like Ayers and Dorn, a twenty year relationship with an anti-American racist minister; how did a man with these links come from the unknown void of Chicago politics and secure the Oval Office? Worse yet, how does this man get die-hard conservatives sitting on the edge of their seats listening to his speeches and almost cheering for him?
During the campaign Obama had alot of missteps, he did alot of “flip-flopping” on opinions and policies. He always got a pass on that, how did that happen? Shawn Griffiths wrote on the blog “The North Texas Conservative” the following, “the majority of the people who voted for Obama didn’t know anything about him. All they knew was that he had become a national celebrity, and that he used appealing words like “hope” and “change”. Whether these words had any substance behind them made no difference to these Americans, because they were not really paying that close attention to their messiah.” To some degree he may be right, but on another level it appears they were paying attention too closely and merely not thinking for themselves.
On the website I found this quote, “hypnotized people say they experience a wonderful feeling of childlike freedom.” Sounds like euphoria. At this point I know people are saying, “hypnotism? Is this crazy conpiriatorialist really talking about hypnotism?” Actually, yes I am. It’s really not as far-fetched as it sounds. On the website there is this, “in order to ‘hpnotize’ a person into performing silly or bizarre behavior on-stage, the circumstances must warrent the behavior, like in a first year acting class. The charismatic or ‘kingly’ stage hypnotist takes the stage with much flourish, sets his agenda in motion in front of an inquisitive audience and relies on the emotionally charged atmosphere to motivate his ‘subject to conform and act out his ‘commands’.” This description aptly describes the Obama campaign. LJust like the audience wants to be hypnotized at a stage show, the audience wanted to be swayed by Obama. Obama always was charismatic, he had a certain “flourish on stage.” He started out speaking to people that agreed with his message, then spread out to speak to people who didn’t agree but were close. He was blessed with a fervor around his campaign that spread to others and helped encourage those who didn’t agree to be “hypnotized” by him. He always spoke with a slow, deliberate speech pattern, similar to what a stage hypnotist would use. He was praised for his speaking ability, but we conservatives had a good laugh at his expense when the teleprompter broke in midspeech, his speaking abilities weren’t nearly as good as his reading skills. After that, Obama never spoke off the cuff again, all speeches are loaded onto and read from a telepromptor.
There is more to the belief that Obama is using a form of hypnosis. is a 67 page report that highlights Obama’s alleged use of “conversational” or “covert” hypnosis techniques or NLP, neuro-linguistic programming.
Conversational hypnosis techniques were developed by Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. The website gives this example of Dr. Erickson using his hypnosis technique, “Often, Erickson didn’t use a formal trace induction. Instead he talk stories that has a deeper meaning. Sometimes that meaning was clear, most times it was not. At least not to the person’s conscious mind. For example, a twelve-year-old boy was brought in to see Erickson about bedwetting. Erickson dismissed his parents and began talking to the boy about other topics, avoiding a direct discussion about bedwetting altogether. Upon learning that the boy played baseball and his brother football, Erickson elaborated on the fine muscle coordination it takes to play baseball, compared to the uncoordinated muscle skills used in football. The boy listened raptly as Erickson described in fine detail all the muscle adjustments his body automatically makes in order to position him underneath the ball and catch it: the glove has to be opened at just the right moment and clamped down again at just the right moment. When transferring the ball to another hand, the same kind of fine muscle control is needed. Then, when throwing the ball to the infield, if one lets go too soon, it doesn’t go where on wants it to go. Likewise letting go too late leads to an undesired outcome and consequently to frustration. Erickson explained that letting go just at the right time gets it to go where one wants it to go, and that constitutes successä in baseball. Therapy with this young man consisted of four sessions that included talks about other sports, boy scouts, and muscles. But bedwetting was not discussed, and “formal hypnosis” was not conducted. The boy’s bedwetting disappeared soon thereafter.” Has anyone ever noticed Obama’s tendency to tell stories, or in the Saul Alinksy style, to have someone else tell stories for him? From ,”Erickson discovered when he told stories, he totally bypassed conscious resistance.” For any who question how Obama could hypnotize an entire nation, this is how.
Obama has mastered the techniques discovered by Dr. Erickson and combined them with the teachings of Saul Alinsky, and forced an entire nation into unwitting submission to his will. But he isn’t done yet. The hypnotic speechs will continue until he has secured unquestioning and unending power.


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