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Comrade President Brings Us Still Closer To Civil War

February 7, 2009

“We the People”, this phrase, these three little words are the most important words in our Constitution. They set the tone for the Constitution that is our guiding principles and laws. These three simple words, combined with the idea behind the phrase that President Lincoln used in the Gettysburg Address,”government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” give us the political system that we have enjoyed until recent years, a system of self-rule, a system that has been perverted over the years. A system that is now threatened with extinction.

“We the People” and “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” tell us the most important aspect of our form of government is “We the People.” We are the government, we elect people as our representatives to go to Washington DC in our behalf. These people are mere representatives, they are not the Government even though we call them government, “We the People” are the government, we hold the authority. Or rather, we held the authority, until we gave it up, through laziness and complacency, to our elected representatives.

It didn’t happen overnight, we gave up our authority over years, decades. We allowed ourselves to become reliant on the false government presented by our representatives; a false government that offered social security, first as an optional program, then as a mandated program; a false government that offered welfare payments for the poor, then made it almost impossible for the poor to get off of that welfare program; a false government that wanted income taxes temporarily to pay for the first World War, then brought in the IRS and made those taxes permanent and used it to control the people they answered to; a false government that now threatens to gain control over every aspect of our lives. We wanted a carefree life, with no worries about how to provide for ourselves, our families; we wanted ther best healthcare but didn’t want to worry about how to pay for it; we wanted the best homes, without worrying about how to pay for them; we wanted low fuel prices without having to sacrifice by cutting back on our consumption; we wanted the best jobs without having to earn them, without having to start at the bottom and work our way up; we wanted our elected representatives to make our lives easier, safer, better; we wanted someone else to be government for us.
Now we have it, we elected Comrade President and his pod people from the Democratic Party. Why? Because they made promises to do just that for us.
Comrade President promised that we would have health care paid for by the government, he promised that we would have “renewable” energy, he promised that we would end the war that we are all getting tired of(Nevermind that we need to win before we can end it). On his first day in office, Comrade President set to the work of ending the war; he declared the war on terror was over, he signed an executive order to close GITMO and bring the terrorists to American courts; by the end of his second week in office, Comrade President had signed orders suspended trials of the terrorists that had been captured on the battlefield, and dropped charges against the terrorist that is charged with planning the attack on the USS Cole and causing the deaths of seventeen American sailors. Comrade President, with the help of the pod people, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid, passed and signed into law an expansion of SCHIP, the state children’s health insurance; almost the same plan that was vetoed in October of 2007, after the American people buried Congress in phone calls demanding that the bill be struck down; now the new SCHIP bill has been expanded even more, it now includes “children” up to thirty years of age that make up to $65,000 a year; this program to indoctrinate our youth into universal health care will be paid for on the backs of smokers with an oppresive increase in tobacco tax.
Currently, we have a recession to deal with; Comrade President and the pod people have convinced us that it is as bad as the Great Depression, that we needed urgent action to prevent a total economic meltdown; to do this they have come up with a plan, just before the election in November they came up with a bailout plan that President Bush wanted, but the pod people insisted on a provision that would give the government controlling interest in the financial institutions that got the bailout money, for the institutions such as Wells Fargo that didn’t need or want the money, the pod people had a plan, they forced these companies to partake against their will and still recieved controlling interest. When that bailout failed, as predicted by loyal conservatives, the pod people came up with a new plan; the new plan was the same plan but for the auto industry. Again, the plan failed to “correct” the problem, but by now Comrade President was in office; armed with his “authority” and a claim of the “will of the people,” and with the help of Pelosi and Reid, Comrade President has a new plan, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; a plan which he promises will create four million new jobs at a time that Speaker Pelosi assures us that each month we don’t pass this “stimulus” bill another five hundred Americans lose their jobs(never mind the fact that the entire population of the US is only three hundred million according to the most recent census report).
How does Comrade President and his pod people intend to create four million new jobs? He intends to do it with the economic stimulus bill; with stimulating provisions like the $4,000,000,000 to smoking cessation programs, refer back to the SCHIP funding to see just how great this plan is(never mind the fact that encouraging people to quit smoking does nothing to “create” jobs, only serving to end jobs in the tobacco industry);$1,000,000,000 for livestock insurance; a GAO study on the revocation of security clearances since1996; $22,129,000,000 for loans for the purchase of rural homes; $2,825,000,000 for high-speed internet for rural areas; $1,000,000,000 for census taking; $100,000,000 to revamp the management of WIC(Women Infants and Children); $150,000,000 for emergency food assistance; $650,000,000 for digital-to-analogue converter boxes; $600,000,000 for the aquisition of satellites to study “global warming;” $400,000,000 for “science” with $250,000,000 dedicated to Earth science climate research; $2,500,000,000 for research; $350,000,000 for green energy developement for military installations, vehicles and equipment; $2,000,000,000 for renewable energy research; $7,700,000,000 to convert government buildings to green energy; $426,000,000 for small business loans, in order to qualify for these loans a small business owner must pass a criminal background check; $325,000,000 for road, bridge and trail repair; $300,000,000 for National Wildlife Refuges and National Fish Hatcheries; $1,700,000,000 for the National Park Service; $500,000,000 for unemployment insurance; $600,000,000, of which $300,000,000 shall not be available until October 1, 2009, shall be for the training of nurses and primary care physicians and dentists as authorized under titles VII and VIII of the PHS Act, for the provision of health care personnel under the National Health Service Corps program authorized under title III of the PHS Act, and for the patient navigator program authorized under title III of the PHS Act; $700,000,000 for comparative effectiveness research, In addition, $400,000,000 shall be available for comparative effectiveness research to be allocated at the discretion of the Secretary of Health and Human Services; $3,200,000,000 for Children and Family Services; $3,000,000,000 for the Prevention and Wellness Fund; $800,000,000 for AMTRAK; $79,000,000,000 for the Department of Education. There is more, much more; that vast majority of which would do absolutely nothing to create jobs, they are mostly just pushing the Democrats’ social engineering agenda to bring us all under the thumb of communism. As of February 6 the total amount of this “stimulus package was $937,000,000,000. When the Republicans called it a “spending” package, which it was, Comrade President responded by saying spending is stimulus. To be fair to Comrade President, spending is economic stimulus, but only if the spending is done by consumers, not by the false government. Late on February 6, the Democrats in the Senate reported that they had reached a compromise agreement with the Republicans that shaved the spending bill to a mere $780,000,000,000, but by the next morning the cost of the bill was back to $837,000,000,000, with the cost of interest on the loan required to pay for this bill still not figured in. By the time the Senate votes on this bill, February 9 at the earliest, the bill will be back over $900,000,000,000.
Anyone with any complaints against the “government” for this outrageous spending and social engineering bill can look forward to HR645. For those who don’t know HR645 mandates the building of “not less than six ‘Emergency Detention Centers’ on military installations.” The only problem with the bill as it stands is this provision: Section 2 (4) to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security. This one line opens the use of these installations as detention for any persons or group of persons that may feel a need to revolt against Comrade President’s and his pod peoples’ new communistic government.
While I have never felt that a civil war was needed, it is starting to look like the “government” will allow no other option. Before a nation can go to war with itself, there must first be an effort by the people to take back control of their destiny by legal means, every possible effort must be made. When a false government refuses to listen to the people that employ them after those efforts have been exhausted, there can be no other option left. I don’t like it, but we are almost to that point now. If Comrade President and his lackeys don’t reverse course and remember their place, civil war will become necessary.

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  1. towp permalink
    February 7, 2009 11:49 am

    “….civil war will become necessary.” Or just a matter of time.

  2. dcbarton permalink*
    February 7, 2009 3:10 pm

    either way, but it needs to be done right. We need to do our part to reign in those we send to represent us first, if we don’t make that effort, we have no right to civil war. If we make the effort to reign in our representatives and they refuse to listen, which is what is happening on the stimulus bill, SCHIP and several other bills coming through congress, then there would be no other option.

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