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Open Letter to Comrade President: Socialism Defined

January 25, 2009

Socialism, in its most basic and accurate definition, socialism is that political system whereby those who chose mediocrity claim superiority by stealing success from those who rightfully earned it, thereby ensuring the enslavement of mediocre and successful alike by the ruling elite that force equality of the mediocre and the successful through poverty and government dependence.
Comrade President, I have noticed, with ever increasing dread, what you said in your speeches during your campaign and what you have said and done since your inauguration. We will set aside, for now, the fact that you are an Indonesian citizen since you returned to Indonesia in 1981 and renewed your Indonesian passport to travel to Pakistan. What concerns me even more than that is the direction you will lead the country you stole from ignorant Americans that bought your story of being an American merely because you could read a good speech from the teleprompter( we can’t really call you a ‘good public speaker’ since that ability became a liability when the teleprompter did NOT work). During the campaign you mocked conservatives like myself who called your agenda socialism, and now you claim that you have a moderate cabinet, Democratic pundits on the news programs back that claim, however for anyone willing to look closely and keep the ability to think for themselves, it does seem like a socialistic agenda and a mostly socialistic cabinet.
Let’s start with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, former New York Senator and First Lady, the wife of former President Bill Clinton. While the media and a good share of Americans now believe Mrs. Clinton to be a moderate, some of us still remember what she used to be and still is. It was Mrs. Clinton that penned the book “It Takes A Village” that told us how to raise our children in the new liberal way, complete with Marx quotes rewritten in her own words. It was Mrs. Clinton that tried to push for universal health care. During the Clinton Administration Mrs. Clinton proved herself to be an elitist that was above the laws that she expected the rest of us to live by.
Next we have Timothy Geithner as the Secretary of the Treasury. This is the man chosen to head up the IRS, regardless of the fact that he can’t do his own taxes correctly. At least he knew about the statute of limitations on back taxes, unfortunately that rule only applies to the ruling elite class of Americans.
As Secretary of Defense we have Robert Gates, a Bush holdover. Secretary Gates at first seems like a good choice, but even he has problems. In January 2004, Gates co-chaired a Council on Foreign Relations task force on U.S. relations towards Iran. Among the task force’s primary recommendation was to directly engage Iran on a diplomatic level regarding Iranian nuclear technology. Key points included a negotiated position that would allow Iran to develop its nuclear program in exchange for a commitment from Iran to use the program only for peaceful means. A worthy Secretary of Defense should know that we cannot engage in diplomacy with a rogue nation that has never negotiated honestly. Diplomacy with Iran would be as fruitful as diplomacy with North Korea, they will sit through negotiations until they get what they want then resort to the same national policies that made diplomacy necessary to begin with. This position puts Secretary Gates on the same level of international incompetence that Comrade President is on, a position that will leave the United States vulnerable to attack for our enemies.
Attorney-General Eric Holder, brought back from the Clinton Administration, can’t be considered a moderate or a conservative. Attorney-General Holder was instrumental, along with Attorney-General Reno, in the fiasco the culminated with the FBI charging into a house in Florida to remove Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint. Surely an Attorney-General should know US law enough to know that if the custodial parent becomes deceased the non-custodial parent then becomes the custodial parent unless having been previously proven to be unfit in a court of law. Since that hadn’t happened in the Gonzalez case, by law the child should have been delivered to his father immediately after his release from the hospital.
Secretary Ken L. Salazar, the Secretary of the Interior, introduced the Iraq Study Group Recommendation Implementation Act of 2007 showing either a lack of understanding about the necessity of winning in Iraq or an overt effort to bring about a strategic loss.
Secretary Vilsack, at the Department of Agriculture is a Liberal Democrat. He agrees with Obama on every issue from gun control to climate change, abortion to the war on terror. At the 2006 Take Back America Conference, Vilsack said this,”What the rest of the world knows about America is that we have phenomenal military might. But I think there’s something even mightier than that. I think we ought to consider a second front in the war against terrorism and extremism. Our enemy is not a country; our enemy is a condition: poverty, ignorance and hunger. The time has come for America to lead an international effort to eliminate hunger and illiteracy and poverty in America and in the world,” showing a serious lack of understanding of why the war on terror was brought to our shores. Secretary Vilsack seems to lack the understanding, as does Comrade President, that the war on terror is being fought in almost every country on earth, it has absolutely nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with forcing the world to convert to a religion that anyone who has studied would claim to be little more than a satanic cult.
For his new Climate Change Czar, Comrade President picked Carol Browner, member of the Democratic Socialists of America and the International Socialists. These are nice “moderate” groups with America’s best interest at heart, guaranteed to protect our freedom and way of life.
We could go on all week about Comrade President’s cabinet picks. But for now, let’s look at his policies and agenda.
Comrade President’s first Executive Orders were designed to weaken America’s defense against the terrorists that are trying to kill us. He ordered the prisoner detention center at Guantanamo Bay to be closed, further, giving the rights of American citizens to our enemies that were captured on the battlefield, regardless of the fact that of 300 prisoners previously released more than 80 have been recaptured or killed engaging in combat against the United States again after their release. Comrade President ordered a review of detention policies, which will be manned by his hand-picked cabinet members, who see America’s interests as being identical to the UN’s desires rather than America’s actual interests. Comrade President then signed an order that limits interrogation techniques to be used by the United States in gathering information from combatants captured in the war on terror. No more water boarding, now we can feed them a nice meal, and ask them politely what they know. Comrade President, who knows more than we do, knows that the detainees will be all too happy to give up information on how they intend to kill Americans, no rough treatment is necessary.
Comrade President campaigned in favor of the card check program for unions. He has promised to enact The Employee Free Choice Act and to push to do away with “right to work” states where employees can work in a union shop without joining the union. This bill does not guarantee “free choice,” it does guarantee unions the right to run roughshod over employees who do not wish to join unions by unionizing without voting or by doing away with secret ballets, thus endangering any employee who fails to agree to unionization. The Employee Free Choice Act has been touted by the Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialists and Communist Party USA.
With Tom Daschle as the Secretary of Health and Human Services Comrade President’s health care plan will be Daschle’s plan. Daschle says Medicare should pay more for care that leads to good outcomes, and should stop paying for unnecessary or harmful treatments. Like Obama, he says Americans who want to keep their employer-based insurance should be allowed to do so, but people should also be able to buy insurance from the pool that covers federal employees, or from a new pool based on a similar model. He also argues that all Americans should be required to buy health insurance — a key difference from Obama, who argues that only children should be required to have health insurance. (Plenty of powerful Dems, Max Baucus and Hillary Clinton, have also called for mandates).
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of California has called for the nationalization of the oil industry. Under the bailout plan the financial sector essentially has been nationalized already with the Government coming out holding the preferred stocks of the financial sectors and now in a position to dictate how the banking industry will be run. Comrade President promises to create three to five million new jobs in the green energy sector and 600,000 new government jobs. There have been calls from Congress for the nationalization of the energy sectors. One can only assume that these are just the start. When Comrade President sees how well nationalization works, he will insist on nationalizing all segments of American industry.
Comrade President, while it is true that most Americans are no longer capable of listening to what you say, watching what you do and putting the two together to know the truth of where you will lead this nation, it is not true for all. I, for one, do know where you will lead us and I will be there to point out the truth to all who will listen. I will be the resistance you need to get past. I will lead the proverbial charge to prevent you from turning this country into another Soviet Russia. Comrade President, socialism will not be allowed in my United States of America.

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  1. Mark T. Market permalink
    January 25, 2009 5:12 am

    I posted recently the ongoing debate between Peter Schiff and Steven Leeb who represent the two sides in the heated argument regarding bailouts and government intervention.

    • dcbarton permalink*
      January 25, 2009 5:23 am

      The sad part of this is that the government is using these bailouts to get control of the various industries. The economy would be better served if we let the industries fail, the truth of the American economy is that there is always someone that will pick up where someone else fails. Things would be tough for a while, but we would recover and be better off for it.

  2. Mark T. Market permalink
    January 25, 2009 7:57 am

    ^ Yes, actually a common call of conspiracy theorists is that a secret insider clique intended all these crises to consolidate control over key industries and banks.

    My sense is that for as long as the monetary and political system remains unchanged, we have to steel ourselves for these bubbles and crashes as they seem to be part of the system.

  3. dcbarton permalink*
    January 25, 2009 5:31 pm

    I won’t go so far as to say that it was a conspiracy, that some unseen force wanted the economy to fail, but I will say that when the democats started forcing banks to make loans to people that couldn’t afford to pay them back we were on the path to ruin. I do believe they meant well, but government involvement in these matters things will go badly.
    The problem now is that Obama and his fellow socialists have used the economy and the people’s lack of desire to be self-sufficient as a springboard to socializing this country

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