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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

January 4, 2009

The Palestinians are upset. They are being badly mistreated by the Isrealis. The Palestinians don’t like that that the Israelis bombed them. They truly dislike that the Israelis sent soldiers into the Gaza Strip. They are unhappy that almost 500 Palestinians are now dead because of Israeli violence.
Oh my. Those poor, mistreated Palestinians. Fmr Prime Minister Mustafa Barqouti explained it on Fox News Channel this way, Palestinians did not break the cease fire, Israel did.
Israel broke the cease fire? Did Israel make an announcement that it was ending the ceasefire? No. Hamas did that. Did Israel fire rockets into Gaza? No. Hamas fired them into Israel. Did Israel bomb Gaza before Hamas fired the rockets? Again, no. Hamas fired the first shots, again.
Palestinians cry about disproportionate use of force. What exactly is considered a proportional use of force? Would Israel be justified in sending terrorists to break into homes in Gaza with orders to break into Palestinian homes and murder innocent children in their beds? How about suicide bombers? Is it ok for Israel to send suicide bombers to target buses and restaurants packed with children? Palestinians have done all of these things to Israel, so it could be considered “proportional” for Israel to respond in like. Palestinians have been shooting up to 130 rockets a day into Israel in just the past six months. Maybe we can call it “proportional” if Israel shoots 130 rockets a day into Gaza. Four Israelis have been killed by those rockets in just the last few days, would it be “proportional” for Israel to kill four Palestinians with rocket fire?
A more important question appears to be, “what is Israel’s obligation to middle east peace?” From what the Palestinians are saying, Israel has an obligation to just die. Palestinian protesters in New York City just yesterday were shouting, “Free, free Palestine!!” Unfortunately, not covered by the press, with the exception of Geraldo Rivera on Fox News, they were also shouting, “From the river to the sea!!” This one statement alone shows the true intent of the Palestinians. The Palestinian intent is exactly the same as the Charter of Hamas. Death to Israel. There can be no Israel in their world.
The Palestinians are upset that the US blocked an Arab League Resolution put to the UN Security Council. That Proposal was blocked for one reason. It required the Israelis to engage in a ceasefire, but failed to make the same requirement of the Palestinians. But that is always how the UN works. After the Israeli-Hezbollah battle of 2006, the UN sent peacekeepers to watch what was happening during that ceasefire. And watch they did. In fact, they watched as Hezbollah set up rocket launchers and launched rockets into Israel again. Did the UN do anything to stop those rockets from being fired? No. Will the UN do anything to stop rocket firings into Israel now? NO. The UN doesn’t care what happens to Israel. The UN has done nothing in Israel’s defense since it recognized Israel as a sovereign nation in 1948, nothing will change now.
Israel is well within its right to defend itself and its citizens. Unfortunately, the Palestinians may offer no option but the total eradication of the Palestinians themselves. There can be no peace in the middle east as long as the Palestinians insist on the destruction of Israel.

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