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Hillary Clinton Suggested as Possible Sectretary of State

November 15, 2008

The News Organizations are saying today that Hillary Clinton is being considered as a possible Secretary of State in Obama’s new administration.  The question is whether she should accept the position if offered.  The reasons for her turning it down are essentially the same as the reasons for her being considered, likewise, the reason for her accepting it is the reason Obama should never make the offer.

Hillary ran her campaign for the nomination of the Democratic party her life-long experience.  Unfortunately for Hillary, her “experience” was limited to being Bill Clinton’s wife.  While Hillary failed to secure the nomination and, due to that failure, the White house, she has not given up on her ambition to be the first women to hold the office of President of the United States.  What she needs most is verifiable experience other than being the wife of America’s greatest adulterer.  Being Secretary of State would provide her with that experience, it would give her credibility the world stage as a world leader.  It would secure her nomination in 2012, and possibly move her into the Oval Office.

If she accepted an offer to be the Secretary of State she would have an obligation to the Obama administration.  In order to run for President in 2012, she would need to quit Obama’s team.  That would mark her as an opportunistic backstabber, it would be a bad start for her next bid for the White House.  With Hillary being the only real opposition in the Democratic party, he needs to keep her in a postion where she can look good but can do no real harm. 

If Hillary turns down the offer, if made, she would come out looking to the American people like she is more interested in her own ambitions than she is in the welfare of the nation.  The American people know that Hillary’s ambition is the White house, they don’t want a President that wants to be President for their own good, they want a President that wants the office for America’s good.

Regardless of what one thinks of Obama, everyone watching has to admit that he is turning out to be politically astute.  He has Hillary over the proverbial barrel.  If he makes an offer to have her as his Secretary of State, he looks like he is helping her career, at the same time as he is keeping her out of the way and politically safe.

Obama would place himself in a win-win situation if he offers the job to Hillary.  Hillary will be in a lose-lose position if she gets asked to be Secretary of State.  Checkmate Obama.

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