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European and Worldwide Polls on the American Election

September 11, 2008

The BBC World Service Commissioned Globescan to conduct a poll across the globe and the US to see who the world preferred as the next President of the US compared to what we think in the US.  Twenty two countries were polled in addition to the United States.  The countries polled included Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, the UAE, the UK, and the US.The poll showed that this year, in the 17 of 22 nations tested respondants believe that an Obama win would improve American relations with the rest of the world.  Interestingly, in 2004, the poll showed that Kerry was favored over Bush in Norway by 74% to 7%.  In Germany four years ago, it was 74% for Kerry and 10% for Bush; France poled with 64% for Kerry and 5% for Bush. 

This year’s poll shows Obama is favored by margins ranging from 9% in India to 82% in Kenya, with an average of 49% prefering Obama.  McCain is favored by 12%, and nearly 40% do not take a position.  An average of 46% think that an Obama Presidency would improve US relations with the world.  Only 20% think relations would improve with McCain.  The countries most optimistic about an Obama Presidency are America’s NATO allies-Canada(69%), France(62%), Germany(61%), United Kingdom(54%), Italy(64%), as wellas Australia(62%), and the African nations of Kenya(87%) and Nigeria(71%).

Forty six percent of the respondants believed that the election of Obama, an african-american man, would “fundamentally change” their perception of the United States, while 27% said it would not.

Globescan Chairman Doug Miller said,”large numbers of people around the world clearly like what Obama represents.   Given how negative America’s international image is at present, it is quite striking that only 1 in 5 think a McCain Presidency would improve on the Bush Administration’s relations with the world.”

The German Marshall Fund also commissioned a poll by TNS Opinions from June 4th to June 28th.  In this poll, 47% believe Obama will improve European relations, 11% believe McCain will improve relations with Europe.  More than 50% believe with McCain, relations will remain the same as during the Bush years.The countries polled by TNS Opinions include Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turky and the United Kingdom.

The Transatlantic Trends poll shows that 47% of Europeans view Obama favorably, 26% view McCain favorably and 20% view both favorably.

This poll also shows that 76% of Americans support combat operations against the Taliban while a mere 43% of Europeans support combat against the Taliban.  But 57% of Europeans agree that NATO is still essential to their country’s security. 

But what do these polls truly show?  What they show is that the vast majority of Europeans, and the world in general, fail to understand security issues they face and America’s role in keeping the world safe.  They also show that the world fails to understand why the Republicans are better for them as well as for the US.  Under an Obama Administration the world would suffer from the Islamic terrorists and from any other threat that might arise during Obama’s time in the White House.  The world knows they depend on American military might for their own security, but want the US to be more socialistic and less militaristic.  They want the socialistic tendancies for the US without realizing that Obama would be more than reluctant to use the military, preferring “diplomacy” with the worst of the worst in threats to world peace and security. 

What the Europeans and the world in general also neglect to take into account is that the citizens of the US, for the most part, don’t really care what the world thinks.  We don’t appreciate the world dictating our politics to us.  That is what cost Kerry the election in 2004, even more than the “Swiftboat Vets,” Kerry kept insisting that we should be more like France.  Americans rejected him then and will reject Obama for the same reason this year.  Newsflash for the world, this is the United States, if you don’t live here, or don’t intend to live here in the near future, you have no say in our politics.  If you live here or intend to live here soon, legally, you can enter the debate, but don’t get to vote until you are a legal citizen.  We don NOT want anyone who is not an American citizen or resident getting involved in and attempting to influence our elections.  We don’t get involved in yours, STAY out of ours.

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