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Bad News For The “They Don’t Want Us There” Crowd

September 10, 2008

Just found this Globescan poll that was done for the BBC. For all of those that think we aren’t wanted in Iraq and Afghanistan, be forewarned, you won’t like this.

In Afghanistan the poll shows 70% say their own circumstances are improving.  Another 57% believe that the country’s economy is on the way up.

In Iraq, 65% believe their own lives are improving and another 56% are upbeat about Iraq’s economy. 

The pollsters who conducted the poll claim the possibilty “that the war may have created a ‘year zero’ experience of collectively starting again.”

What this poll acutally shows is two things.  First is that the war has done something good for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.  It has given them a better economic chance than they had previously.  It also points out that the Iraqis and Afghanis are smarter than the American Left.  The Iraqis and Afghanis recognize that what we did helped them out while the Left, as led by the likes of Barack Obama still think that we are the criminals in these endeavours. 

Great Lord Obama, will you have sense enough to listen to the affected people before you pull the American troops out of Iraq and allow the Iraqis to lose the opportunities our brave soldiers have given them?  If we leave too soon they will get a taste of the good life, then be told that they will never have anymore.

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