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In Answer to a Left-Wing America Hating Englishman

September 6, 2008

Will Rhodes wrote an interesting piece today; definately misguided but interesting none-the-less. After reading it, I decided the best way to answer it was to break down his post paragraph by paragraph. 

The title of his post was “When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

The first paragraph went like this

“Is it really possible that National Socialism can come to the US and walk into that country with freedom and no recognition?  Some commentators say it already has-Bush eroding the rights of Americans steadily over the years.  I disagree-Bush is a moron of the highest order-but there are a few things he hasn’t quite completed.”

Is it really possible that people still buy into the “Evil Bush” theory?  Can anyone truly point to one instance of Bush eroding anyone’s rights?  Sure, we have the Foreign Intelligence Surveilance Act(FISA), but that doesn’t truly have much effect on “Americans.”  It does have an effect on the terrorists that declared war on the US so many years ago, more years than just since we recognized the war according to the 9/11 commission who reported,”they were at war with us before we were at war with them.”  The only way an American would run into a problem under FISA is if they are making phone calls to or recieving phones calls from a number known to belong to a terrorist.  Any “American” who calls or recieves calls from a known terrorist should be surveiled, for the protection of the rest of us.  Any other rights that have been eroded?  Maybe the right to free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment?  No, sorry, that right is being eroded by the Left.  It isn’t McCain/Palin suing people who dare to write books or create advertising that is unfavorable, even though those books and advertisements are rooted in fact, isn’t it Obama that is demanding that the Department of Justice bring charges against the man that is asking to see the records from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge?  Wasn’t it Obama that asked for the tax records of this man’s organization so they could have tax charges brought against him?  Is it McCain/Palin that have fought since their beginnings in politics to suppress the Second Amendment?  No, again, that would have been Obama and the rest of the Left. 

“Picking a fundamental running-mate, McCain is certainly not wanting to lose an election campaign.  He wants office much more than he is willing to say.  So his statement that he would rather lose an election than a war is, like so much in his campaign, defunct.”

Hunh?  “picking a fundamental running-mate,” McCain is picking a fundamentalist running-mate?  Who would have guessed?  McCain is a tad iffy on alot of the things that most conservatives believe, but nobody truly expected him to pick Hillary Clinton or Harry Ried for his running-mate.  Let’s be realistic here.  What exactly is Mr. Rhodes trying to say?  Does he mean that by picking another, and possibly more conservative, conservative as his running-mate that McCain is willing to lose the war as long as he wins the election?  Surely not, if McCain wanted to lose the war he would have chosen a solid, cut and run liberal as his running-mate.  And McCain never said, ” I am running but I want to lose the election,”  what he said was,” I would rather lose the election than lose the war.”  That in no way indicates that he wants to lose the election, only that his priorities are more in line with winning the war first. 

“So we do have to come back to the statement in the title-and can it really happen?

Looking from the outside in, I say yes- but if you are inside looking out you see things in a very different perspective.”

This is one thing Mr. Rhodes said that I will have to agree with, and not grudgingly.  If you are solidly on the Left, you will believe the Republicans are a bad lot.  But for those of us on the Right, we see Obama and his cronies as being Socialists attempting to subvert the entire way of life in America.

“‘It cannot happen in America-we have the constitution!’  But is that really the safeguard that Americans think it is?  Roe vs. Wade is under attack from the right-wing lunatics including Palin and now, John McCain.  It is part of the US constitution and they will, if ever the chance does arise, repeal it.  The warning sign is right there.  It is over-looked because it isn’t an integral part of the Constitution of the USA-neither was the liquor ban which was repealed.”

At this point it would become necessary to point out that Mr. Rhodes is not an American, nor does he even reside in the US.  Looking over his blog site, it became obvious that Mr. Rhodes is a “proud Englishman” living in Canada.  That might explain his lack of understanding about the Constitution and about Roe v. Wade.  It also may explain his misunderstanding of the liquor ban, or as we Americans refer to it Prohibition.  For Mr. Rhodes information, Roe v. Wade is not in the Constitution, it was, rather, a decision by the Supreme Court.  There is no place in the Constitution that guarantees a woman’s tight to murder an innocent baby because she wasn’t responsible enough to not get pregnant.  It also important to inform Mr. Rhodes that the purpose of the Supreme Court is not to legislate but rather to interpret the Constitution.  The Supreme Court has in the past usurped the authority to legislate from the bench, but it does not derive that authority from the Constitution.  Regarding Prohibition, again, Mr. Rhodes shows his lack of understanding of the Constitution and of American history.  Prohibition was officially know as Amendment 18.  It was overturned by Amendment 19.  Amendment 18 was passed by Progessives of the early 20th century.  Keyword here is “Progressives.”  Progressives are not from the “Right,” they are now and have always been leftists.As far as the passing and repealing of Prohibition, Mr. Rhodes might be surprised to learn that the American Constitution was designed and written for just that purpose, to over-turn legislation and Amendments that were later deemed to be a mistake or undesirable by the majority of the public. 

Mr. Rhodes follows up with this gem.  It shows his lack of understanding about how American politics work. 

“But, you have to look at where Bush has gone and McCain will certainly follow-if the Constitution of the USA gets in the way of McCain and his pitbull they will change it, repeal the parts that give them the power they need-in the name of National Security-and will do such to where in a few years time your daughters and sons will be going missing because of what they believe.”

Again, hunh?  First point, McCain and his “pitbull,” cannot arbitrarily change the Constitution, and they cannot repeal any Amendments on their own say so.  “Your daughters and sons will be going missing because of what they believe”?  That sounds like something that would and does happen in Cuba, North Korea, China, and most other Socialists countries.  But that can’t possibly be what Mr. Rhodes means.  We’ve already discussed that, it is the Left that is Socialists, not the Right. 

“If you aren’t scared of McCain/Palin you should be-and not just those who are against Bush/McCain/Pali-those who are for them.  For if you think your rights will be respected while others are not-you are quite wrong.”

Typical of the left, “this election is not about McCain, it is about Bush.”  News flash for the liberals, Bush is not running, he has no intention of running, and he could not legally run if he wanted to.  Not without changing the Constitution, I would point out that the Clintons tried but failed.  The American people would not stand for that kind of change, we don’t want to be in a position like Cuba and North korea with the same person calling the shots for an entire lifetime and then choosing his or her own replacement.  As far as respecting the rights of the people, it is the Socialists on the left that attempt to do-away with the rights of the American people, they talk about the right to free speech, but attempt to limit it whenever they feel a need to suppress opposing views and opinions, case in point is the “Fairness Doctrine” and Obama’s attempts to silence opposition before it can point out his radical leanings and associations.  Another example is the Left’s attack on the Second Amendment.  There is a reason the Left wants the Second Amendment over-turned.  They fear an armed populace, and rightly so.  An armed American population cannot and will not be forced into Socialism against their will.  It was an armed populace that stood up to King George and his attempts to suppress the colonists.  The Left realizes that an armed populace will stand up to them once they attempt to install a Socialist government in America. 

“Bush/McCain/Palin/Cheney want to impose their views not just on the American moderate-but on people who are not American, this leads to another problem for America, those people will fight back and say no.”

First, again, Bush and Cheney are not running in this election.  Bush can’t and Cheney has already decided that he didn’t want to.  The Left really needs to get a new tactic, the run against Bush-Cheney failed in 2000 and 2004.  It is folly to believe that it would work this time.  Even Bush would admit that his approval ratings are low right now, however, it is important to remember that historically, every war-time President has low approval ratings.  Likewise, we need to all remember that as low as Bush’s approval rating is, it is at least a double digit approval, where as Congress has a single digit approval rating.  Also, Bush and Cheney are not attempting to impose their view on anyone, not in America and definately not ourside of America.  What Bush and Cheney have done is defend the US from a terrorist group that wants us all dead merely because we are not Muslim.  “Those people will fight back” already started fighting when they murdered 3,000 people 7 years ago this week.  They have been fighting us longer than we had sense enough to remember, not because of anything we did, but rather because of what we did not do.  They have been at war with us and with the rest of the world to bring about a world-wide Caliphate.  There is no other reason in spite of what the Left would like to think.

“Bush/McCain will isolate the US more than it is now.  When that isolation is blamed on other countries and the propaganda begins, then you will have no more chancesw to stop the flag-waving despots, you will be mareching down the streets of another invaded country and worrying about when the counter-attack will come.”


Here is where Mr. Rhodes gets down to what he really believes.  The US is wrong, the US is always wrong, American patriotism is wrong.  “Marching down the streets of another invaded country.”  I wonder if Mr. Rhodes understands enough of his home country’s history to know about Chamberlain and the Germans?  Does Mr. Rhodes realize that without “flag-waving” Americans “marching down the streets of another invaded country” his beloved England would be speaking German today?  The British could not have won that war and saved themselves from the wrath of Hitler without the aid of American “flag-waving despots.”  If he did understand about England’s history, would he be so quick to hate America for learning the history and seeking to prevent that risk for ourselves?  If America falls to terrorism, who will save the rest of the world the next time they need help.  Since WWI it has been America that steps into aid the rest of the world.  What thanks do we get?  None, what we get is a bunch of left-leaning “morons” that look down their noses at us and insist on abetter way.  Unfortunately, that better “better way” has been tried and has failed.

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