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Who Will Be Clinton’s VP?

August 21, 2008

Obama has made some serious blunders in the past few weeks.  He Has cost himself the nomination of the Democratic Party.  The first major Blunder was agreeing to allow Clinton’s name on the roll call at the convention in Denver.  The second blunder was his tough stance on the Russia-Georgia conflict.  Clinton said during the primaries that she would be reafdy to lead on day one, and Obama was too inexperienced to lead.  On Russia and Georgia, Obama sternly rebuked both countries, saying they both needed to “show restraint.” 

In the Democratic Party rules, the delegates are not locked into who to vote for until they actually vote.  Now hillary can make the legitimate argument that Obama is too inexperienced to run the nation.  Rest assured, Clinton people are working the delegates right now, even while she shows public support for Obama.  When the delegates cast their votes in Denver, Clintoon will have the nomination, and Obama will be left wondering how this could happen.

Forget asking who will be Obama’s VP pick.  Ask, instead, who will be Clinton’s VP pick.

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