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Russia violates Ceasefire Agreement With Georgia

August 21, 2008

Russia signed a ceasefire agreement that should have had them out of Georgian territory on monday, it is now Thursday.  Where do we stand?  Russia has dug in and set up a “security buffer zone” that is manned only by Russian troops.  That buffer zone covers half of Georgia.  Russia has demanded that Georgian troops be restricted to their permanent posts.  Why are Russian troops not restricted to “their” permanent posts?  Russia has stolen US military vehicles, and threatened the nations of Poland and Czechoslovakia for having the audacity to aquire defense missile systems.  Meanwhile the world does what?  Essentially we tell Russia that they need to “play nice”.  They have been compared to a spoiled child just trying to get attention.  If Russia wants attention, and wants to act like a “spoiled child”, then Russia should get attention and get treated like a “spoiled child”, Russia should gets its “spoiled ass” busted.

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