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The Myth of Russian Withdrawal From Georgia

August 19, 2008

Russia signed a ceasefire agreement with Georgia.  Russia was supposed to withdraw its forces from Georgia on monday.  Russia is still in Georgia.  There have been some interesting quotes in the news today that show Russia’s true intentions towards Georgia.

Russian Foreign Minister Segei Lavrov accused NATO of bias and wanting to support a “criminal regime” in Tbilisi.  He also said the withdrawal depended on Georgian troops depended on Georgian troops returning to their permanent bases.  It is curious and ominous that Russia insists on Georgian troops being restricted within their own country while Russia does not have the same restrictions.

In Brussels, Russian Ambasador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said,”certainly there will be changes in our cooperation with NATO and we will have changes in the volume, the quality and the timeframe in our consultations and meetings.” 

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said,”the world has seen that even today, there are political morons who are ready to kill innocent and defenseless people in order to satisfy their self-serving interests, while compensating for their own inability to resolve complicated issues by using the most terrible solution-by exterminating an entire people.”  That is an interesting comment coming from the same Russia that funded S. Ossetian seperatists, encouraging them to attack Georgians, then, miracuously, Russian was ready to step in with a full scale invasion only hours after Georgian forces tried to stop the seperatist attacks.

Russia is still in Georgia today.  Russia will still be in Georgia tomorrow.  Ruussia will still be in Georgia next week.  Russia will not pull out of Georgia until the world steps in to push Russia out of Georgia.  And the Ukrainians and Poles, and all othe countries that were once part of the Soviet Union have reason to be concerned.  They are next, after them all of Europe.  Then us.  Russia must be stopped now.

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