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Anarchists, Liberation Theologists and Barak Obama

June 10, 2008

For several days now I have been having an ongoing debate with another blogger about the War on Terror.  It seems that this person is convinced that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq are both illegal.  This person, who otherwise seems fairly intelligent, fails to understand that Al-Qaeda declared war on the US and had been at war with the US for several years.  She insists that since Al-Qaeda does not represent a sovereign nation they have no legal right to declare war on a sovereign nation.  The Confederacy was not a sovereign nation and had no legal right to declare war on the Union, but they did.  3,000 people died on September 11, 2001 because a group with no legal right to declare war did just exactly that.  For the simple reason that Al-Qaeda had no legal right to declare war, the US had no legal right and is at fault for retaliating.  

But why does this person think the US is wrong?  A quick look at her “about me” page gives a little insight.  She is a self proclaimed anarchist in the tradition of Errico Malatesta and inspired by the Liberation Theology of Fr Gustavo Gutierrez.    A little research into Errico Malatesta and Fr Gutierrez leads back to Barack Obama and his beliefs, which gives insight into what the US can expect if Obama is elected to the Presidency in November.

Errico Malatesta was an anarchist in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  On September 6, 1921 he wrote in “The Revolutionary Haste”, “It is our aspiration and our aim that everyone should become socially conscious and effective; but to achieve this end, it is necessary to provide all with the means of life and for developement, and it is therefore necessary to destroy with violence, since one cannot do otherwise, the violence which denies these means to the workers.”   

Anarchy is generally thought of as no government control.  In this case, by reading some of Malatesta’s writings, anarchy is socialism or communism.  That fits with Fr Gustavo Gutierrez’s teachings.  Liberation theology is a way of using religion to support the idea of marxism.  This leads directly to Obama and the Trinity Church with their teachings of Liberation Theology. 

Obama talks about change.  He never really defines “change”, but it becomes more evident each day.  His policies that he has mentioned always involve things like socialized medical care, socializing big oil  and making things “fair” for those who have less.  All the selling points of socialism, communism, marxism. 

For those who attempt to refuse to accept “change”, remember the words of Leo Tolstoy,”All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death, to do what they do not want to do.”

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