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London Proves Effectiveness of Gun Control

June 7, 2008

The Associated Press reported today in the Oklahoman that London has a problem.  A 15 year old girl was found dead in an elevator at a south London apartment building this week.  She was the 16th teenager slain in the capital this year.  Most were stabbed to death. 

London passed a very strict gun ban several years ago.  In order to protect its citizens from gun crime, in 1988 London passed the Firearms(Amendment)Act 1988 which confined semi-automatic and pump-action centrefire rifles; military weapons firing explosive ammunition; short shotguns that have magazines; and both elevated pump-action and self-loading rifles to the Prohibited Category.  The Firearms(Amendment)(No.2)Act 1997 almost completely banned private ownership of handguns.  Since that time guncrime has risen by 50% in London, and up to 20% outside of London. 

Now we have an increase of knife crimes, and true to its nature, LOndon is considering a “knife-ban”.   Prime Minister Gordon Brown said,”carrying a knife is unacceptable…Young people need to understand that carrying knives doesn’t protect you.  It does the opposite-it increases the danger for all of us, destroys young lives and ruins families. 

Here is a little fact for PM Brown.  You don’t protect society when only the criminals are armed, and the criminals will never give up their arms.  To truly protect society, the reverse is true.  Ease restrictions on gun ownership and allow the use of weapons for self-defense.  It has been a proven deterent in every state that has signed a Concealed-Carry Law in the US.  Criminals all have one thing in common, they prefer unarmed victims.  When the potential victims have the ability and the right to defend themselves, crime drops drastically. 

America, learn from London.  The Second Amendment is important and must be protected.  Gun-ownership is not only a constitutional right, it is essential to our God-given right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.  Gun bans don’t work, only a loosening of current gun restrictions can save lives and prevent crime.

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