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May 20, 2008

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D)Ca and Sen Larry Craig(R)Id sponsored a farm guest worker proposition to the latest Iraq War spending bill in order to allow 1.3 million immigrants to stay in California agriculture for the next five years.  Without the amendment, Feinstein warned that the US would lose $5-9 billion to foreign competition, tens of thousands of farms would shut down and 80,000 workers would be transferred to Mexico.

Pure and simple amnesty.  Designed only to win the favor of illegal aliens who will return the favor by voting for the Dems in the next election.  Illegals don’t vote? Sure they do.  The motor voter laws and Dems refusing to allow statesto require ID make it easy for them to register and then vote.  They don’t even need to show proof of citizenship to register. 

Sen. Feinstein says the illegals are needed for agriculture in America.  Not true.  The simple fact is that we only have so much room for new people in this country.  Each person that sneaks in illegally is one less person we can take legally.  And for each illegal we boot out, there are two waiting patiently for their turn to come here legally.  Those who come legally are willing to do the same work the illegals are now doing.  But they will expect more money for doing that work, just like any native born American would. 

We don’t need amnesty, we need to know and choose who gets to come here and when.  And Mexicans should NOT receive special treatment just because they are right next door.  President Bush should, but probably won’t, reject this proposition.  One of the few things I disagree with the President on, he seems to be in favor of anything Mexico wants, and the amnesty is something that Mexico wants very badly, along with open one-way borders. 

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