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The Truth About Iraq

May 7, 2008

The anti-war crowd just doesn’t get it.  They never will.  The idea that war is never a good thing just doesn’t work, it can’t until everyone has the same belief worldwide.  That won’t happen anytime soon.  I just read a blog from the Grumpy Lion.  You come away with the idea that the problems in Iraq are all America’s fault, we caused all the problems in Iraq, we had no business going there, we have no business staying, it is all about oil and an unjustified war against Islam. 

Everyone gets to have their opinions, and can even share those opinions, that is the American way, it is guarenteed  in the Constitution.  Unless, of course, you disagree with them, then you are a “Bush worshipping Jackboot.”  Well, consider me a jackboot, I agree with Bush on the war in Iraq.  President Bush has problems for me on alot of different issues, but he is dead-on in Iraq.

Let’s start with 9/11.  The argument there is that Iraq had nothing to do with that attack.  That would be true, but they did get involved with Al-Qaeda after the attack.  When top Al-Qaeda leaders needed medical care after we went into Afghanistan,  they went to Saddam for that treatment.  Saddam was no saint, he had rape rooms, torture rooms, mass graves, he attacked innocent nations(Kuwait), he would bring in the wives or daughters of anyone he thought opposed him and and make a man watch helplessly while his wife or daughter was violently raped and murdered.  He would dip people into vats of acid a little bit at a time so they would die slowly and in great agony.  He paid the Palestinian suicide bombers.

After the enemy started to look for a new battlefield, just a few months into the war in Afghanistan, Iraq was a natural choice.  We went into Iraq, and Al-Qaede followed.  Syria and Iran got involved, by training insurgents and allowing fighters to cross their borders into Iraq.  Iran gives safe haven to Al-Sadr, while supplying weapons and explosives to the insurgents, even now.

Have innocent civillians been killed? Without a doubt.  But, innocent civillians were killed on 9/11, too.  Over 3,000 innocent civillians.  In one day.  Innocent civillians have been killed by Al-Qaeda and the insurgents in Iraq, too.  Many more than 3,000.  Al-Sadr’s fighters have killed more than 3,000 innocent civillians. 

Innocent families are assaulted, not by American soldiers, but, by insurgents, terrorists, other muslams.  Their doors are busted in at midnight, they are forced under threat of death to hide insurgents from the evil Americans.  My son was one of those “evil American soldiers.”  He told me of one man who found a way to let the “evil Americans” know where the insurgents were hiding, so the “evil American soldiers” could save his family.  He told me of a little girl who would come out on the street and dance for the “evil American soldiers”, when they stopped she would do a balerina pose for them.  He told of the people who were grateful and happy to have “evil American soldiers” there to save them from that “saint” Saddam, no longer having to worry about when they would be forced to watch their 4 or 5 year old daughter raped by the “saint’s” henchmen.  He told me about finding Iranian supplied weapons, weapons that are used to kill more Iraqis than the “evil Americans” ever thought of killing.  He told me about not being allowed to fight back against “suspected” insurgents, “suspected’ because they were shooting at the “evil Americans”, not allowed to fight back because innocent civillians were in the line of fire.

The anit-war crowd talks of a crusade against Islam.  They never mention that Islam attacked us first.  The anti-war crowd talks about an ilegal war, they never mention the illegal activities of the Old Iraq, before we came.  They talk about the Iraqis that don’t want us there, they never mention the Iraqis that are grateful that we are there.  They talk about what we did wrong, never mentioning what we did right.  They talk about “war for oil”, they never mention that we haven’t recieved any oil.  They talk about how “evil” we are, killing innocent Muslims, but never mention the “evil Muslims” that are trying to kill everyone who isn’t just like them.

We have the “Right” to free speech here, everyone is welcome to their opinion.  God bless them for using it, but with free speech comes a moral obligation to use the ability to reason.  I have heard too many people say that their right to free speech comes from the Constitution, but fail to recognize that the Constitution is just “words” on an old piece of paper, it would be gone by now if it wasn’t for the “evil American soldier” who is willing to risk everything to keep it.  It would be gone by now, if left up to the Muslims who want us dead.  It would be gone, if left up to the anti-war crowd.

Thank God for the “evil American soldiers.”  They are doing a great and thankless job in Iraq.  They are making sure those “words” on that old piece of paper are still around to guide us.  And they are making sure that the carnage in Iraq doesn’t come home to “evil America.”





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  1. Texas Bulldog permalink
    May 7, 2008 10:58 pm

    Are you aware that American soldiers are fighting on the side of Muslims? Iraq was secular under Saddam but now is governed by Muslim extremists(Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council) who are supported by Iran mullahs and who won the famous purple thumb elections! This is the government we are propping up. The “enemy” are other Iraqis who don’t want
    Americans to occupy their country. During the recent engagement in Nasiriya, over 1,000 of the government soldier defected to the insurgents because they didn’t want to kill other Iraqis. Our soldiers are stuck in the middle of a civil war and their presence is only prolonging the agony.

  2. dcbarton permalink*
    May 9, 2008 11:43 am

    Where did you get your “facts”? Air America maybe? The Iranian mullahs aren’t supporting the Iraqi government, the Iranian mullahs are supporting Muqtaddah Al-Sadr, and Al-Sadr has been against the Iraqi government since Saddam fell from power. Al-Sadr is trying hard to become the supreme leader of Iraq just as Khomeimi is in Iran. About them not wanting us to occupy their country, did the Germans want us to occupy them after WWII? How about the Japanese, did they really love having us there? The Islamic extremists want us out of Iraq, true, but the regular Iraqi citizen doesn’t want us gone until the Iraqi military is fully trained and operational. What we have is not a civil war, it is the primary battlefield in the war against Islamic extremists, these would be the same Islamic extremists that want the entire world converted to Islam or dead

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